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June 2021

Platform update 8.0

Improved reports: styling, content and functionality (conditionals and limitations). Support for excluding risks below a configurable threshold from the report. More flexible calculation configuration. White papers and reports relocated to the new site https://doc.acuminor.com Usability improvements.

Threat Model Update 2021:24

Updates on Nationell Risk Assessment Sweden 2021: Categories; Fraud, Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and Corruption and Bribery New TF threat for gambling: Terrorist financing in gambling (INT) Updates on risk indicators

Platform update 7.5.0

7.5.0 New: Show controls in result view per risk category (and area) New: Create a setting for using fallback values for incomplete data Fixed: Ball and percent for transactions not showing properly

World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour June 12th is “World Day Against Child Labour” and 2021 marks the year of the “International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour”. This day and year are being highlighted with a special week, “Week of Action” between 10-17 June.  There are approximately 160 million children forced into labour across the… Read More »World Day Against Child Labour