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Acuminor educates members of Swedish Association of Corporate Brokers about money laundering

The Swedish Association of Corporate Brokers’ SFR, aims to promote the development of the industry and raise the level of knowledge of corporate brokers. An important part of the work is to demand that those who are active in the industry carry out their assignments in a competent and responsible manner.

Deciding to buy or sell a business can be one of life’s most important decisions. When carrying out such a business process, it is an advantage to plan well in advance and enlist the help of a corporate broker with extensive experience in business transfers.

To further strengthen the status of the profession, SFR has introduced an authorization and the goal is for all members to be authorized. As part of the authorization, a number of training initiatives are undertaken. One of the courses focuses on measures against financial crime and is carried out under the guidance of experts from Acuminor.

Martin Nordh, CEO of Acuminor: “We look forward to conveying the insights we have about different ways in which corporate brokers can be used for financial crime and have the opportunity to discuss the trends, challenges and solutions that exist in the industry.”

Anders Bley, board member of SFR: “We are very proud to be able to offer our members specialist expertise through Acuminor’s both deep and broad experience of money laundering in order to best educate and ensure that the industry takes the criminal threat very seriously “.

The course will be held digitally on 18 February 2021 and gives you as a corporate broker the first step in SFR’s new authorization program, Module 1. In addition to training in measures against financial crime, the day includes the basics of the mediation process and lectures by Niklas Edler, Partner at Skarpa and Rickard Engström , doctoral student in real estate at KTH.

To get more information about SFR and the course, check out https://sfrmaklare.se