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Acuminor expands partnership with leading international gambling firm

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Acuminor is delighted to announce it has entered into a multi-year agreement with a major gambling firm to roll-out Risk Assessment Professional platform across its operations around the world. Acuminor has been working with the customer since 2020 on a smaller scale but following a successful start to the partnership, the decision was taken to expand the Acuminor solutions throughout the group.
The platform and intelligence components of Risk Assessment Pro will help the customer capture threats, risks and other data at a local level to perform risk assessments at a country level and then aggregate the data into the business wide risk assessment, which is managed centrally.

As part of the Agreement Acuminor will focus on the customer’s needs for new threat and risk content as it expands its business into new markets and work collaboratively to develop the solution for them and the broader needs of the gambling market – to develop more insightful, dynamic risk assessments measurable both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Acuminor’s CEO Martin Nordh says: ”The gambling sector overall is moving rapidly towards a stronger and more resilient defence against financial crime. It’s an honour to be entrusted by a leading firm such as this and we are looking forward to a long and successful collaboration.”

About Acuminor
The methods used by criminals is constantly evolving and each organisation faces different risks as a result. With help of expertise and powerful technology, Acuminor’s risk analysis platform provides unique insights into threats and risks from money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations. This enables you to know your risks and reduce them before it’s too late.
About Risk Assessment Pro
Risk Assessment Pro is a unique tool that helps you get all your strategic financial crime risks in one and the same place. At the same time, you also get a powerful assessment of the status of your financial crime framework and how effective it really is. Slice and dice the information in any way you like to create the reports you need. Share with auditors, regulators and management. Import risk indicators and other content from your current process or leverage upon Acuminor’s comprehensive and updated threat intelligence database.