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Threat Model Update 2021:29

National Risk Assessment for Germany completed for Gambling Updates on European level: Fraud, TBML, ML using property, Illegal handling of hazardous waste, Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, Illicit use of betting products and Bribery and Corruption

Threat Model Update 2021:25

Updates on National Risk Assessment Sweden: Categories/threats; Gambling companies as criminal vehicles, Illicit use of new payment methods (emoney and VC), Cash smuggling and Large-scale money laundering Updates on regulations for Sweden and Norway (in force from 2021-07-01) Updates on FATFs monitored jurisdictions (“grey list”)

Platform update 8.0

Improved reports: styling, content and functionality (conditionals and limitations). Support for excluding risks below a configurable threshold from the report. More flexible calculation configuration. White papers and reports relocated to the new site https://doc.acuminor.com Usability improvements.

Threat Model Update 2021:24

Updates on Nationell Risk Assessment Sweden 2021: Categories; Fraud, Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and Corruption and Bribery New TF threat for gambling: Terrorist financing in gambling (INT) Updates on risk indicators

Platform update 7.5.0

7.5.0 New: Show controls in result view per risk category (and area) New: Create a setting for using fallback values for incomplete data Fixed: Ball and percent for transactions not showing properly