At Acuminor, financial crime intelligence is our core business. Based on hundreds of vetted sources, we conduct thousands of analyses of methods for money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations each year. 


Insights and in-depth analyses from Acuminor’s financial crime experts

Acuminor Reports

Over-the-counter (OTC) brokers

An Over-The-Counter (OTC) broker is a company or individual that help to facilitate private transactions between two parties that want to trade with virtual currencies, in a higher volume and with more anonymity.

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Updates from Acuminor

Threat Model Update, 2021:35

New database released with the following updates: Updates on European level: Forced labour, Sexual exploitation, Forced criminality, Trafficking of children and Counterfeit goods. To your

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Weekly Round-Up, 22 October – 21

We are still lingering in the cyber security month so let’s start with a few articles from cyberspace. There has been a lot of valuable information flowing past me so far this month and I want to share some highlights from the past week.

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Threat Model Update, 2021:34

New database released with the following updates: New National Risk Assessment: Germany. Minor updates on sanctions (risk factors) To your inbox. Completely free.Stay informed with daily financial

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TangoPay x Acuminor

Acuminor is excited to announce a new relationship with TangoPay , a digital payments provider based in the United Kingdom. TangoPay aims to provide essential

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Weekly Round-Up, 1 October – 21

Good morning October! We are amid autumn and in one of our more intense periods with full-on development of our external and internal products, interacting with new partners and customers and ploughing through the avalanches of information.

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