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The content

Acuminor collects descriptions of methods for money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations from hundreds of reliable, vetted open sources.

The information is structured into financial crime threats and also risk indicators relating to customer types, products, transaction types, distribution channels and geography.

By using Acuminor’s solution you will have access to updated and relevant financial crime threat intelligence.


The sources used are divided into four levels:

  • Global sources

Examples: Interpol, FATF, UN

  • Regional sources

Example: Europol, MONEYVAL, EU Commission

  • National Risk Assessments

Example: UK National risk assessment for money laundering and financing of terrorism

  • Domestic sources (Also called ‘High Resolution’ – available as add-on)

Example: Police authority publications, Security service publications

In addition, following content is available:

  • Compliance pack (available as add-on)

Example: National AML regulations

  • News feed

Example: Financial crime news from daily news sources