ThreatView® is a search and analyses tool with updated financial crime threats and risk indicators for regular operational use. Common use cases are support to EDD and TM investigations, new product approval processes and training content.

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The key features of ThreatView are briefly described below.



The threats are divided into three areas: Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Sanctions. Within each area, the threats are divided into different categories e.g. fraud and human trafficking. The filter at the top can be used to filter the threats by country and customer type. Each threat consists of an analysis that is based on information collected from reliable and available sources e.g. Interpol, FATF, Europol etc. The information is presented in the form of a descriptive text and associated risk indicators. Together, this is called a Threat Card. A threat card is opened by clicking on its name.


Risk indicators are listed in five categories: customers, products, transactions, channels and countries. All risks occur in one or more threats and are created while analysing the threat information. The filter at the top can be used to filter the risks by business and customer type.


Analyses can be performed by selecting one or more threats, risks or a combination of both. This is done by clicking (+) to the right of a threat name or risk. When a selection is made, a yellow circle and “Analysis” appear in the top right of the menu bar.

By clicking on Analysis, the choices made are displayed under “Selection” and all resulting threats and/or risks are found under “Results”. Before each result, it is stated in how many of the selected threats/risk a specific result occurs e.g. 2/3. By clicking (+) to the right of a threat or a risk in the result section of the analysis, a new result can be previewed in yellow. Click “Add the chosen threats/risks to the selection” to increase the selection at the top. Through this method, an analysis that initially contains a lot of information can gradually become less extensive and adapted to the specific need.

A threat card that is opened in the results section of the analysis will automatically be filtered based on the current active filtering and selection. The analysis can be saved by clicking “Save” and the analysis can also be exported to Word by clicking “Export”.