UK AML GAP Analysis

Our UK AML Gap Analysis provides you with the knowledge and platform to quickly and easily perform a gap analysis against the current UK Money Laundering Regulations (MLRs) and Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) Guidance.

You can use this platform to conduct a clear and efficient gap analysis against relevant AML regulations in the UK. Identify any weaknesses and take the necessary steps to meet the requirements set out in the relevant regulations.


The UK AML Gap Analysis has been created in partnership between RedCompass Labs and Acuminor.

Experts in Financial Crime and Compliance from RedCompass Labs have analysed the relevant UK AML regulations, breaking them down into individual requirements and grouping these requirements into themes.

These requirements have been added to Acuminor’s Risk Assessment Pro platform, an intuitive interface that allows customers to perform a gap analysis against the regulations.

Automated report generation allows customers to export a full AML gap analysis and demonstrate compliance to the FCA and other stakeholders.

Tutorial films UK AML Gap Analysis

Chapter 1: Settings

Chapter 2: Inherent Risk

Chapter 3: Control Assessment

Chapter 4: Review Results

Chapter 5: Generate Results

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The UK AML Gap Analysis is a collaboration with RedCompass Labs. Read more about them here.
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