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Weekly Round-up June 11, 2021

Operation Trojan Shield 

This week has been fantastic! Working most of our time, as many do, remotely, we finally got a chance to meet up and hang out (in a secure configuration), an absolute joy! It has been a busy and fun week on the news side of things, with “Operation Trojan Shield” being the biggest highlight, resulting in significant seizures and arrests worldwide. The clandestine operation is one of the most extensive joint police actions that we have seen. I am intrigued by the setup and design of the “ANoM” project. Starting with a tech start-up, run by the FBI, creating the supply chains for the devices and eventually operationalising the result of the intercepted communication. Well done!  

There are plenty of good reads about the operation that you can find below. 

Suppose you have read everything about the operation. In that case, you can dig into the European Drug Report 2021 from EMCDDA or the new open-access book published by the Basel Institute on Governance on Illicit Enrichment. As always, you should head over to ThreatView for detailed threat intelligence on what is happening in the criminal world.

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Have a nice weekend!

Johan Landström

Co-founder and CISO Acuminor