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Weekly Round-Up, 9 – 13 May 22

In the “Weekly Round-Up” we summarise and give extra reading suggestions for some of the past weeks financial crime news headlines, powered by Acuminor’s crime universe ThreatView®

It’s mid-May, and another great week has passed. Acuminor is growing, and I see new faces around the offices, and I feel genuinely delighted to get to know more fantastic colleagues. Here is a short intro to our latest stars.

Our intelligence team has sifted through interesting information during the week, and here are some highlights. 

It has been a lot of crypto-related news lately. To start with, Europol has released an infographic on Crypto Investment scams and how to look out for warning signs: 

Europol – Crypto investment scams – infographic 

The cryptoanalysis firm Elliptic has written an article on the challenges regarding money laundering through decentralised exchanges and mixers. 

Elliptic – Money Laundering Through DEXs and Mixers

Coindesk reports that the five states, Alabama, New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky and Wisconsin, have issued a shut-down order of NFT sales within a metaverse based Casino. The Casino is suspected of fraud and registration violation. It also has ties to Russia. 

Coindesk – 5 US States Issue Emergency Orders to Shut Down Metaverse Casino With Alleged Russian Ties

For other gambling-related news. The 12th meeting of INTERPOL’s Match-Fixing Task Force (IMFTF) has just been completed to tackle the corruption in sports. 

Interpol – Global experts examine the changing face of match-fixing

More on corruption. The Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe, otherwise known as the Helsinki Commission, has criticised Switzerland for concealing Russian assets. 

SwissInfo – US commission accuses Switzerland of hiding Russian assets

If you want to dive into a lengthier read. Europol and the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) have just released their analysis of the European drug market. The new analyses cover trends from production and trafficking to distribution and use along the supply chain. The findings draw on data and information from the EMCDDA’s drug monitoring system and on Europol’s operational intelligence on organised crime. 

Europol -2022 EU drug markets analyses from Europol and the EMCDDA

Europol – EU Drug Markets Report

So signing off this week’s round-up, until next time, have a fantastic weekend! 

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Johan Landström

Co-founder and CISO Acuminor